Visiting Academic Scholar Appointed to the Office of Economic Analysis


Washington, D.C., July 25, 2003 -- The Securities and Exchange Commission's Office of Economic Analysis today announced the appointment of Bernell K. Stone as a Visiting Academic Scholar for a one-year term. Stone is currently the Harold F. Silver Professor of Finance in The Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University.

Stone received his Ph. D. in 1969 from M.I.T. with dual major fields in Applied Mathematics and Management with minors in economics and computer science. He is the author of four books and more than one hundred journal articles. He is an acknowledged world expert in financial systems, especially as applied to cash management, bank operations, the payment system, and corporate planning. He was the founding editor of The Journal Of Cash Management and has served as an associate editor of six other journals. Recent research has included stock return forecasting, financial analysis, investment management, financial reform, mortgage redlining, corporate financial structure, corporate liquidity, and statistical methodology.

While at the Commission, Stone will join other researchers on projects involving work on financial analysis, financial reporting, mutual fund style consistency, corporate governance and other areas as dictated by SEC priorities.

Last modified: 7/25/2003