SEC to Host Annual Government-Business Forum


Washington, D.C., June 6, 2002 -- The Commission will host the Twenty-First Annual Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation on Thursday, Sept. 26, and Friday, Sept. 27, 2002, in Arlington, Va., at the Key Bridge Marriott, right across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.

The forum is an opportunity for small business owners and their representatives to articulate their views and needs to senior government officials. It is the only federal-sponsored conference designed for this purpose. Forum participants discuss ways to eliminate unnecessary governmental impediments to raising capital and seeking credit. The forum produces a final report of its activities, including recommendations for government action. The forum's Final Report for each of the last ten years can be found on the SEC website at:

Congress and governmental agencies may use the Final Report as a blueprint to craft the relief sought by the forum. Over the years, many forum recommendations have resulted in legislative and regulatory reform in the areas of taxation, securities regulation, financial services regulation and state assistance programs.

Due to the popularity of last year's format, the executive committee of the forum has decided to again concentrate this year's forum in the areas of taxation and securities regulation. Last year the recommendations from the previous five forums were reviewed and guidance sought from the governmental officials charged with the areas covered in the recommendations. Forum participants who were tax specialists met with Congressional staffers in this regard. Forum participants who were securities specialists met with SEC senior staffers. These discussions resulted in a better mutual understanding between the forum participants and the respective governmental officials and, therefore, more targeted forum recommendations.

Having the forum in the Washington, D.C. area for the second year in a row will allow many senior staff from the SEC Divisions of Corporation Finance, Investment Management and Market Regulation to participate again in the forum, share their views about last year's recommendations and discuss what other new initiatives the staff is considering that may have a significant effect on small businesses.

In light of recent developments relating to accounting practices occurring since last year, the executive committee has also decided to consider the implications to small business arising in this area as well.

For further information, contact Anthony Barone or Twanna Young in the Office of Small Business Policy in the Division of Corporation Finance at (202) 942-2950, or send an e-mail to

Last modified: 6/6/2002