SEC Web Site Provides Link to CEO, CFO Certifications of Financial Statements of 947 Companies


Washington, D.C., July 29, 2002 -- The Securities and Exchange Commission today posted to its Web site a list of the 947 companies whose top officials are required to file sworn statements attesting to the accuracy of the companies' most recent annual and quarterly financial reports. The list will link to the sworn statements as they are posted.

The Commission issued an order June 27 requiring the filing of the sworn statements pursuant to Section 21(a)(1) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The Commission staff announced today that the written statements will be posted and the dates of receipt indicated on the SEC Web site ( as soon as practicable after they are received, scanned and electronically processed.

Following publication, the Commission staff will examine and categorize the statements. Statements in the form of Exhibit A to the June 27 order will be placed in one category. All others will be placed in a second category. Both categories will appear on the SEC Web site.

For the large number of statements expected to be received on or around Aug. 14, when most companies' next quarterly statements are due, the categorization process can be expected to be completed during the week of Aug. 19.

The Commission has posted two sets of Frequently Asked Questions About Commission Order No. 4-460 on its Web site. The staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission also released a statement today regarding companies' filing on Form 8-K and posting to their Web sites the written statement of their CEOs and CFOs required by the Commission's June 27 order.

Last modified: 7/29/2002