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Litigation Releases - Third Quarter 2004

Current Litigation Releases

Archives: 1995-2004

Release No. Date Action
LR-18915 Sep. 30, 2004 Matthew M. Chiang
Other Release No.: AAER-2118
LR-18914 Sep. 30, 2004 Jerry S. Chang
Other Release No.: AAER-2117
LR-18913 Sep. 30, 2004 Dean L. Buntrock, Phillip B. Rooney, James E. Koenig, Thomas C. Hau, Herbert A. Getz, and Bruce D. Tobecksen
Other Release No.: AAER-2116
LR-18912 Sep. 29, 2004 James R. Jensen
LR-18911 Sep. 29, 2004 Donald M. Fitzpatrick and Thomas R. Stitt
Other Release No.: AAER-2114
LR-18910 Sep. 29, 2004 Marcy Wilson Roke
Other Release No.: AAER-2115
LR-18909 Sep. 29, 2004 Robert J. Cassandro, Michael C. Cardascia, and Stephen E. Apolant, Defendants, and Joan Cardascia, Relief Defendant
LR-18908 Sep. 28, 2004 Don-Allen Ruttenberg
Other Release No.: AAER-2113
LR-18907 Sep. 28, 2004 Gary Van Waeyenberghe, et al.
LR-18906 Sep. 28, 2004 Mark Kelly, Martin Angel, John R. Buck and Chad Latvaaho
LR-18905 Sep. 28, 2004 Jeremy R. Lent, John V. Hashman, Yinzi Cai, Douglas Wachtel and Bruce Rigione
Other Release No.: AAER-2112
LR-18904 Sep. 28, 2004 Michael Martin and Malcolm E. McVay
Other Release No.: AAER-2111
LR-18903 Sep. 28, 2004 Sushil K. Garg and Garg Data International, Inc.
Other Release No.: AAER-2110
LR-18902 Sep. 28, 2004 Linda Ensor, et al.
LR-18901 Sep. 28, 2004 Von Christopher Cummings, et al.
LR-18900 Sep. 28, 2004 Phong Nguyen and Chanh Nguyen
LR-18899 Sep. 27, 2004 William L. Atkinson, II and James R. Walker
LR-18898 Sep. 24, 2004 Manoucher Sarbaz, et al.
LR-18897 Sep. 24, 2004 David M. Grey
LR-18896 Sep. 24, 2004 James T. Dooley, James E. Lorenz, III and John E. Isselmann, Jr.
Other Release No.: AAER-2109
LR-18895 Sep. 23, 2004 Robert Snyder, AlphaCom, Inc., James Stamp, and Gary Kendron
LR-18894 Sep. 23, 2004 Stanley Awdisho, Michael Kundrat and Kristopher Smolinski
LR-18893 Sep. 23, 2004 Mobile Billboards of America, Inc., International Payphone Company, Reserve Guaranty Trust, Michael A. Lomas and Michael L. Young
LR-18892 Sep. 22, 2004 House Asset Management, L.L.C., House Edge, L.P., Paul J. House, And Brandon R. Moore,
LR-18891 Sep. 22, 2004 Computer Associates International, Inc., Sanjay Kumar and Stephen Richards, and Steven Woghin
LR-18890 Sep. 20, 2004, Inc., et al.
LR-18889 Sep. 17, 2004 Eric I. Tsao
LR-18888 Sep. 16, 2004 A.C.L.N., Ltd.; Abderrazak "ALDO" Labiad; Joseph J.H. Bisschops; Alex De Ridder; Pearlrose Holdings International S.A.; Emerald Sea Marine, Inc.; Scott Investments S.A.; BDO International (Cyprus); Minas Ioannou; Christakis Ioannou (Defendants); and Scandinavian Car Carriers A/S; Pandora Shipping, S.A.; Sergui, Ltd.; Westbound Development Corp.; Maverick Commercial, Inc.; and DCC Limited (Relief Defendants)
Other Release No.: AAER-2105
LR-18887 Sep. 16, 2004 Converge Global, Inc.
LR-18886 Sep. 15, 2004 First United Financial Group, LLC
LR-18885 Sep. 15, 2004 Ed Johnson and Merl Holdings
Other Release No.: AAER-2104
LR-18884 Sep. 14, 2004 Dean Foods Company and John D. Robinson; Kemps LLC f/k/a Marigold Foods LLC, James Green and Christopher Thorpe; Digital Exchange Systems, Inc., Rosario Coniglio and Steven Schmidt; John K. Adams; and Bruce Keith Jensen
LR-18883 Sep. 14, 2004 Rodney E. Dausch and Thomas O. Oesterling
LR-18882 Sep. 13, 2004 National Institute Companies of America, Inc., et al.
LR-18881 Sep. 10, 2004 Global Health; Global Clearing; Global Securities; Goldman Quintero & Associates; Vince Dory and Joshua Adams
LR-18880 Sep. 10, 2004 Clayton Chan, Gregory Antoniono and Geoffrey Infeld
Other Release No.: AAER-2095
LR-18879 Sep. 10, 2004 Michael B. Johnson, Michael Johnson & Co., Llc, David C. Skinner, Jr. And American Television And Film Company F/K/A Winners Internet Network, Inc.
Other Release No.: AAER-2096
LR-18878 Sep. 10, 2004 Mark D. Montana, individually and d/b/a M & M Properties, and M & M Financial, Inc., Defendants, and Karen E. Montana, Relief Defendant
LR-18877 Sep. 9, 2004 Donna Yun and Jerry Burch
LR-18876 Sep. 9, 2004 Peter Roor (individually and d/b/a Oxford Savings Club, Ltd. and Manumit Unlimited), Ronald L. Templin (individually and d/b/a American Leadership Network, Saratoga Holdings LLC, Secured Private Placements, The 650 Club, Internet Marketing Partners and Private Party Loan Program), and Laurie Elizabeth Weiss
LR-18875 Sep. 9, 2004 Gary L. Mcnaughton, Individually and D/B/A The Haven Equity Company, and Andrew K. Lech
LR-18874 Sep. 9, 2004 Sidney Johnson
LR-18873 Sep. 9, 2004 Fiore J. Gallucci, Ronald A. Manzo, and Gary B. Taffet
LR-18872 Sep. 8, 2004 RC Investment Corp., Pinnacle Investment Corp., Robert A. Coberly, Jr., and Curtis D. Somoza
LR-18871 Sep. 8, 2004 John Gorman and Patrick Gentile
Other Release No.: AAER-2094
LR-18870 Sep. 3, 2004 Robert Papalia and David L. Hunter
LR-18869 Sep. 2, 2004 ACI, Inc. and Clarence E. Long, Defendants, and Jon G. Ervin, Sr., Relief Defendant
LR-18868 Sep. 2, 2004 Charles L. Harris, Tradewinds International, L.L.C. and Tradewinds International II, L.P.
LR-18867 Sep. 2, 2004 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
LR-18866 Sep. 2, 2004 Vector Medical Technologies, Inc., Michael H. Salit, James P. Farnell, Michael J. Farnell, David A. Zimmerman and Stanley B. Wasser
LR-18865 Sep. 2, 2004 Schield Management Company and Marshall L. Schield
LR-18864 Sep. 1, 2004 Cavanagh, et al.
LR-18863 Sep. 1, 2004 Eric L. Mattson and James W. Harris
Other Release No.: AAER-2092
LR-18862 Aug. 31, 2004 Kevin P. Hannon, et al.
Other Release No.: AAER-2091
LR-18861 Aug. 31, 2004 Colin Nathanson, Individually And Doing Business As Nathanson Investment Trust, Giant Golf Company, Play Big Enterprises, Inc., Starquest Management, Inc., Whitehawk Consulting Group, Inc., Leafhead Consultants, Inc., Nettel Consulting Corp., Yrmac Consulting Services, Inc., and Millennium Technical Group, Inc.
LR-18860 Aug. 30, 2004 Kimberly J. Carrella, et al.
LR-18859 Aug. 27, 2004 George Carapella and Alan S. Lipstein
LR-18858 Aug. 26, 2004 Presto Telecommunications, Inc., and Alfred Louis Vassallo, Jr. aka Bobby Vassallo
LR-18857 Aug. 26, 2004 U.S. Technologies, Inc. And C. Gregory Earls
Other Release No.: AAER-2090
LR-18856 Aug. 26, 2004 Blake A. Prater and Wellspring Capital Group, Inc.
LR-18855 Aug. 26, 2004 Thomas Weisel Partners LLC
LR-18854 Aug. 26, 2004 Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.
LR-18853 Aug. 25, 2004 Haligiannis, et al.
LR-18852 Aug. 25, 2004 Mojave Valley Resort, Inc. and Mark A. Temple
LR-18851 Aug. 25, 2004 Aurora Foods, Inc., et al.
Other Release No.: AAER-2089
LR-18850 Aug. 25, 2004 JB Oxford Holdings, Inc., National Clearing Corporation, James G. Lewis, Kraig L. Kibble, and James Y. Lin
LR-18849 Aug. 25, 2004 Mark E. Koenig
Other Release No.: AAER-2088
LR-18848 Aug. 24, 2004 Athena Diaz
Other Release No.: AAER-2087
LR-18847 Aug. 24, 2004 Autocorp Equities, Inc. et al.
LR-18846 Aug. 24, 2004 John Patrucco
LR-18845 Aug. 24, 2004 Scott B. Kaye, et al.
LR-18844 Aug. 24, 2004 Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and The "Shell" Transport and Trading Company, p.l.c.
Other Release No.: AAER-2086
LR-18843 Aug. 23, 2004 Kenneth K. Livesay, et al.
Other Release No.: AAER-2083
LR-18842 Aug. 23, 2004 Piranha, Inc., et al.
Other Release No.: AAER-2084
LR-18841 Aug. 23, 2004 Internet Broadcast Group, et al.
LR-18840 Aug. 19, 2004 Lines Overseas Management, Ltd., and Scott Lines
LR-18839 Aug. 19, 2004 Upshaw and Associates, L.L.C. et al.
LR-18838 Aug. 19, 2004 Brian Lee (aka Brian Lee Petrosian), Todd DiRoberto, Lonnie Dragon and Trevor Watson
LR-18837 Aug. 18, 2004 Steven M. Bolla, Washington Investment Network, Susan Bolla and Robert Radano
LR-18836 Aug. 18, 2004 Gary M. Kornman
LR-18835 Aug. 18, 2004 Peter Warren and Exo-Brain, Inc. (Formerly E-Brain Solutions, LLC)
LR-18834A Aug. 25, 2004 Vaso Active Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
LR-18834 Aug. 17, 2004 Vaso Active Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
LR-18833 Aug. 16, 2004 Larry Grabarnick, Marc David Shiner, Donald LaBarre and Sara Jane Peck
LR-18832 Aug. 13, 2004 Derrick S. Mckinley
LR-18831 Aug. 12, 2004 Haligiannis, et al.
LR-18830 Aug. 12, 2004 Bradley T. Smith, Continental Midwest Financial, Inc., Bankstock Investment Partners, LP, Scioto National, Inc. and Bancshareholders of America, Inc.
LR-18829 Aug. 12, 2004 William A. DiBella and North Cove Ventures, LLC
LR-18828 Aug. 11, 2004 Peter F. Paul, Stephen M. Gordon, and Jeffrey L. Pittsburg
LR-18827 Aug. 11, 2004 Competitive Technologies, Inc., Chauncey D. Steele, John R. Glushko, Thomas C. Kocherhans, Richard A. Kwak, Sheldon A. Strauss, Stephen J. Wilson and Frank R. McPike
LR-18826 Aug. 10, 2004 Peter C. Boylan
Other Release No.: AAER-2081
LR-18825 Aug. 10, 2004 Autocorp Equities, Inc.
LR-18824 Aug. 9, 2004 Anthony P. Postiglione, Jr., et al.
LR-18823 Aug. 9, 2004 Scott C. Anixter, et al.
Other Release No.: AAER-2077
LR-18822 Aug. 6, 2004 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Other Release No.: AAER-2080
LR-18821 Aug. 6, 2004 Autocorp Equities, Inc.
LR-18820 Aug. 4, 2004 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Other Release No.: AAER-2075
LR-18819 Aug. 3, 2004 Michael J. Mccloskey, Rance C. Miles, Luis E. Vallejo, and Daniel Harris
LR-18818 Aug. 3, 2004 William F. Buettner, Mark D. Kirstein and Amy S. Frazier
Other Release Nos.: AAER-2073
LR-18817 Aug. 3, 2004 Gary V. Morris, Halliburton Company and Robert Charles Muchmore, Jr.
Other Release Nos.: 34-50137, 33-8452, AAER-2074
LR-18816 Aug. 2, 2004 Anthony P. Postiglione, Jr., et al.
LR-18815 Jul. 30, 2004 Kenneth D. Rice, et al.
Other Release No.: AAER-2068
LR-18814 Jul. 30, 2004 Wulf International Ltd. and George R. Wulf
LR-18813 Jul. 29, 2004 W.L. Ware Enterprises, Inc., et al. and Warren L. Ware
LR-18812 Jul. 29, 2004 KS Advisors, Inc., KS Condor Partner, Ltd., II, Damian Partners, LLC, Scott Fine and Kevin Boyle
LR-18811 Jul. 29, 2004 Enrico Cortesano
LR-18810 Jul. 29, 2004 Vector Medical Technologies, Inc., Michael H. Salit, James P. Farnell, Michael J. Farnell, David A. Zimmerman and Stanley B. Wasser
LR-18809 Jul. 29, 2004 Andrew J. Zahn, Philip J. Sexauer, and Cynthia K. Berryman
Other Release No.: AAER-2066
LR-18808 Jul. 29, 2004 Philip R. Gratz
LR-18807 Jul. 29, 2004 World Class Limousines, Inc., and 1-800-GET-LIMO, Inc and Anthony P. Caliendo, Jr.
LR-18806 Jul. 29, 2004 Kenneth F. Kryzda
LR-18805 Jul. 28, 2004 Donna Yun & Jerry Burch
LR-18804 Jul. 28, 2004 Drake Tempest
LR-18803 Jul. 28, 2004 Parmalat Finanziaria, S.p.A.
Other Release No.: AAER-2065
LR-18802 Jul. 27, 2004 Gary L. Pilgrim, Harold J. Baxter and Pilgrim Baxter & Associates
LR-18801 Jul. 27, 2004 Michael Scrivo
Other Release No.: AAER-2063
LR-18800 Jul. 27, 2004 Michael Felicissimo
Other Release No.: AAER-2061
LR-18799 Jul. 27, 2004 Rick A. Marano, William Marano, and Carl Loizzi
LR-18798 Jul. 27, 2004 Joseph X. Crivelli
LR-18797 Jul. 27, 2004 Michael Resnick, Mark P. Kaiser, Timothy J. Lee, and William Carter
See Also: LR-18796
LR-18796 Jul. 27, 2004 Peter O. Marion
See Also: LR-18797
LR-18795 Jul. 26, 2004 Hershey Moss
LR-18794 Jul. 26, 2004 David M. Willey and Joy S. Willey
LR-18793 Jul. 26, 2004 NorthStar Networks, Inc., et al.
LR-18792 Jul. 26, 2004 Carone, et al.
LR-18791 Jul. 23, 2004 Cash Link Systems Inc., et al.
LR-18790 Jul. 23, 2004 Church Extension of the Church of God, Inc., United Management Services, Inc., James Perry Grubbs and Shearon Louis Jackson
Other Release No.: AAER-2060
LR-18789 Jul. 23, 2004 WorldCom, Inc.
Other Release No.: AAER-2059
LR-18788 Jul. 21, 2004 Emission Controls Corporation and Syd Cooke
LR-18787 Jul. 20, 2004 Thomas Cavanagh, et al.
LR-18786 Jul. 20, 2004 Michael Morrell, et al.
LR-18785 Jul. 19, 2004 Global Telecom Services L.L.C. d/b/a Medical Disposal Devices, Albert D. LaTouche and Salvatore J. Cartelli, Jr.
LR-18784 Jul. 15, 2004 Martin J. Druffner, et al.
LR-18733A Jul. 14, 2004 Paul Melvin Henson, Jr. and Lance Turner Fair
Other Release No.: AAER-2028A
LR-18783 Jul. 14, 2004 Internet Telecommunications Albany System SMR, et al.
LR-18782 Jul. 13, 2004 Ian Schottlaender
Other Release No.: AAER-2056
LR-18781 Jul. 12, 2004 Stand-By Systems, Inc. et al.
LR-18780 Jul. 12, 2004 Carl R. Rose, et al.
LR-18779 Jul. 12, 2004 MX Factors LLC, BBH Resources LLC, JTL Financial Group LLC, Richard M. Harkless, Daniel J. Berardi, Jr., Thomas Hawkesworth, and Randall W. Harding
LR-18778 Jul. 12, 2004 Levine, Hughes, and Mithuen, Inc.
Other Release No.: AAER-2055
LR-18777 Jul. 9, 2004 D.W. Heath & Associates, Inc., Private Capital Management, Inc., Private Collateral Management, Inc., PCM Fixed Income Fund I, LLC, Daniel William Heath, And Denis Timothy O'Brien
LR-18776 Jul. 8, 2004 Richard A. Causey, Jeffrey K. Skilling and Kenneth L. Lay
Other Release No.: AAER-2051
LR-18775 Jul. 6, 2004 ABB Ltd
Other Release No.: AAER-2049
LR-18774 Jul. 1, 2004 Robert A. Kasirer, et al.

Modified: 02/14/2005