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Other Selected Recent Financial
Reporting Actions

The list below provides links to other selected financial reporting related enforcement actions concerning civil lawsuits brought by the Commission in federal court and notices and orders concerning the institution and/or settlement of administrative proceedings. This list only highlights certain actions and is not meant to be a complete and exhaustive compilation of all of the actions that fall into this category.

Release No.
AAER-2105 Sep. 16, 2004 A.C.L.N., Ltd.; Abderrazak "ALDO" Labiad; Joseph J.H. Bisschops; Alex De Ridder; Pearlrose Holdings International S.A.; Emerald Sea Marine, Inc.; Scott Investments S.A.; BDO International (Cyprus); Minas Ioannou; Christakis Ioannou (Defendants); and Scandinavian Car Carriers A/S; Pandora Shipping, S.A.; Sergui, Ltd.; Westbound Development Corp.; Maverick Commercial, Inc.; and DCC Limited (Relief Defendants)
Other Release No.: LR-18888
AAER-2104 Sep. 15, 2004 Ed Johnson and Merl Holdings
Other Release No.: LR-18885
AAER-2103 Sep. 15, 2004 McLeodUSA Incorporated
Other Release No.: 34-50385
AAER-2102 Sep. 14, 2004 Bruce Keith Jensen
Other Release Nos.: 33-8487; 34-50370
AAER-2101 Sep. 14, 2004 Kemps LLC, f/k/a Marigold Foods, LLC, James Green and Christopher Thorpe
Other Release No.: 33-8485; 34-50369
AAER-2100 Sep. 14, 2004 Dean Foods Company and John D. Robinson,
Other Release No.: 33-8486; 34-50368
AAER-2099 Sep. 14, 2004 Digital Exchange Systems, Inc., Rosario Coniglio and Steven Schmidt
Other Release No.: 33-8483; 34-50366
AAER-2098 Sep. 14, 2004 John K. Adams
Other Release No.: 33-8484; 34-50367
AAER-2097 Sep. 14, 2004 Fleming Companies, Inc.
Other Release No.: 33-8482; 34-50365
34-50354 Sep. 13, 2004 PA Fund Management LLC f/k/a PIMCO Advisors Fund Management LLC, PEA Capital LLC f/k/a PIMCO Equity Advisors LLC, and PA Distributors LLC f/k/a PIMCO Advisors Distributors LLC
Other Release Nos.: IA-2292, IC-26594
AAER-2095 Sep. 10, 2004 Clayton Chan, Gregory Antoniono and Geoffrey Infeld
Other Release No.: LR-18880
AAER-2064 Jul. 27, 2004 Charter Communications, Inc.
Other No.: 34-50098
AAER-2063 Jul. 27, 2004 Michael Scrivo
Other No.: LR-18801
AAER-2062 Jul. 27, 2004 Leslie Wasser, CPA
Other No.: 34-50096
AAER-2059 Jul. 23, 2004 WorldCom, Inc.
Other No.: LR-18789
AAER-2058 Jul. 22, 2004 Raymond A. Saitta, CPA
Other No.: 33-8450; 34-50062
AAER-2057 Jul. 21, 2004 Michael H. Taber, CPA
Other No.: 34-50053

2003 Financial Reporting-Related Matters

LR-18047 Mar. 21, 2003 Robert Papalia and David Hunter
34-47528 Mar. 18, 2003 Household International, Inc.
LR-18000 Feb. 26, 2003 Enio A. Montini, Jr. and Joseph A. Hofmeister
LR-17990 Feb. 20, 2003 La Mesa Geoscience, Inc., La Mesa Partners, L.C., La Mesa Group, L.P. and Kenneth Hooper
LR-17982 Feb. 12, 2003 Autofund Servicing, Inc. and James D. Haggard, Jr.
LR-17934 Jan. 15, 2003 ClearOne Communications, Inc., Frances M. Flood and Susie Strohm
LR-17927 Jan. 13, 2003 William Grabske

Fiscal Year 2002 Financial Reporting-Related Matters

LR-17877 Dec. 6, 2002 Leah Industries, Inc., et al.
LR-17860 Nov. 25, 2002 Siebel Systems, Inc.
LR-17685 Aug. 15, 2002 Rhino Ecosystems, Inc., et al.; COI Solutions, Inc., et al.; Uncommon Media Group, Inc., et al.
34-46286 July 31, 2002 Inc.
LR-17507 May 8, 2002 Pinnacle Business Management, Inc., Vincent A. Lo Castro, and Jeffrey G. Turino
LR-17464 Apr. 10, 2002 FoneCash, Inc., and Daniel E. Charboneau
33-8079 Apr. 8, 2002 FoneCash, Inc.
LR-17462 Apr. 8, 2002 Michael Paloma, Matthew Bardasian and Desert Winds Entertainment Corp.
34-45474 Feb. 25, 2002 David B. Gosse
LR-17339 Jan. 24, 2002 Turbodyne Technologies, Inc. and Edward M. Halimi
LR-17300 Jan. 10, 2002 Global Datatel, Inc., Richard Baker, Mario Habib and Stuart Bockler
LR-17283 Dec. 19, 2001 Save the World Air, Inc., Jeffrey Alan Muller, and Billy Blackwelder
34-45169 Dec. 19, 2001 Zila, Inc. and Joseph Hines
LR-17249 Nov. 29, 2001, Inc., Stephen J. Bradford, Life Foundation Trust and Jeanette B. Wilcher
34-45057 Nov. 15, 2001 The Classica Group, Inc.
34-45056 Nov. 15, 2001 Disease Sciences, Inc.
34-45055 Nov. 15, 2001 R-Tec Technologies, Inc.
34-44912 Oct. 5, 2001 Thomas P. Raabe

Fiscal Year 2001 Financial Reporting-Related Matters

34-44440 June 18, 2001 China Food and Beverage Co. and James Tilton
34-44439 June 18, 2001 Trans-Global Holdings, Inc. and Jacques Verhaak
LR-17023 June 4, 2001 TPG Capital Corporation
34-44202 Apr. 19, 2001 AutoLend Group, Inc.
LR-16855 Jan. 5, 2001 Timothy S. Vasko, Edward B. Williamson and Michael J. Schuchard
LR-16836 Dec. 20, 2000 Keith Greenberg and Coyote Consulting and Financial Services
33-7928 Dec. 20, 2000 US Diagnostic Inc. and Jeffrey Goffman
Release No.: 34-43751

Fiscal Year 2000 Financial Reporting-Related Matters

34-43136 Aug. 10, 2000 Herbert M. Campbell II
LR-16587 June 14, 2000 Steven Speaks, CPA
LR-16491a Mar. 29, 2000 Digital Lightwave, Inc. and Bryan J. Zwan


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