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Selected Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases
October - December 2000

The list below provides links to financial reporting related enforcement actions concerning civil lawsuits brought by the Commission in federal court and notices and orders concerning the institution and/or settlement of administrative proceedings. This list only highlights certain actions and is not meant to be a complete and exhaustive compilation of all of the actions that fall into this category.

Release No.
AAER-1357 Dec. 26, 2000 Michael T. Baer
Release No.: LR-16841
AAER-1356 Dec. 21, 2000 International Business Machines Corporation
Release No.: LR-16839
AAER-1355 Dec. 21, 2000 International Business Machines Corporation
Release No.: 34-43761
AAER-1354 Dec. 20, 2000 Franklin W. Brooks and John L. Gardner
Release No.: LR-16835
AAER-1353 Dec. 13, 2000 Craig Consumer Electronics, Inc.
Release No.: 34-43715
AAER-1352 Dec. 14, 2000 Michael Jerry Saylor, Sanjeev Kumar Bansal and Mark Steven Lynch
Release No.: LR-16829
AAER-1351 Dec. 14, 2000 Antoinette A. Parsons and Stacy L. Hamm
Release No.: 34-43725
AAER-1350 Dec. 14, 2000 MicroStrategy, Inc.
Release No.: 34-43724
AAER-1349 Dec. 6, 2000 Monarch Investment Properties, Inc., f/k/a Iron Holdings, Inc. and Anthony E. Gurino
Release No.: 34-43682
AAER-1348 Nov. 27, 2000 H.J. Meyers & Co., Inc., James A. Villa, and James C. Witzel
Release No.: 34-43622
AAER-1347 Nov. 22, 2000 Detour Magazine, Inc.
Release Nos.: 33-7921, 34-43610
AAER-1346 Nov. 22, 2000 Barry H. Peterson-Ross
Release Nos.: 33-7920, 34-43609
AAER-1345 Nov. 16, 2000 James Steele Douglass
Release Nos.: 33-7917, 34-43572
AAER-1344 Nov. 16, 2000 Glen Donald Lang
Release Nos.: 33-7916, 34-43571
AAER-1343 Nov. 16, 2000 Per-Se Technologies, Inc.
Release No.: 34-43570
AAER-1342 Nov. 8, 2000 Donald E. Studer
Release No.: 34-43532
AAER-1341 Nov. 8, 2000 Luis R. Hidalgo, Jr., CPA
Release No.: 34-43531
AAER-1340 Nov. 8, 2000 Aviation Distributors, Inc., Osamah S. Bakhit and James J. Goulet
Release No.: LR-16792
AAER-1339 Oct. 31, 2000 Horton & Company and Edward C. Horton
Release No.: 34-43498
AAER-1338 Oct. 31, 2000 Pat A. Rossetti and Jeffrey M. Yonkers
Release No.: 34-43497
AAER-1337 Oct. 31, 2000 Glenn R. Ohlhauser
Release No.: LR-16785
AAER-1336 Oct. 16, 2000 Robert G. Herndon
Release No.: 34-43446
AAER-1335 Oct. 16, 2000 Jacob Adoni and Victor Douenais
Release No.: LR-16767
AAER-1334 Oct. 16, 2000 Victor Douenais
Release No.: 34-43445
AAER-1333 Oct. 5, 2000 Michael J. Jablo
Release No.: LR-16753
AAER-1332 Oct. 5, 2000 Engineering Animation, Inc. and Michael J. Jablo
Release No.: 34-43416
AAER-1331 Oct. 4, 2000 William F. Mahon and Dean J. Jupiter
Release No.: LR-16751
AAER-1330 Oct. 5, 2000 Walter Königseder
Release No.: LR-16757
AAER-1329 Oct. 2, 2000 Jay P. Gilbertson, Albert J. Bergonzi and Dominick A. DeRosa
Release No.: LR-16743

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