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Selected Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases
April - June 2006

The list below provides links to financial reporting related enforcement actions concerning civil lawsuits brought by the Commission in federal court and notices and orders concerning the institution and/or settlement of administrative proceedings. This list only highlights certain actions and is not meant to be a complete and exhaustive compilation of all of the actions that fall into this category.

Release No.
AAER-2455 Jun. 30, 2006 Greentech USA, Inc. and Roland L. Breton
Other Release Nos.: 34-54076, 33-8719
AAER-2454 Jun. 30, 2006 Information Architects Corporation, William Overhulser and Michael Clark
Other Release Nos.: 34-54075, 33-8718
AAER-2453 Jun. 28, 2006 Walco International, Inc. and James C. Robison
Other Release Nos.: 34-54062, 33-8717
AAER-2452 Jun. 28, 2006 Virbac Corporation, Thomas L. Bell, Joseph A. Rougraff, Douglas A. Hubert, James C. Robison, and Craig S. Campbell
Other Release Nos.: LR-19746
AAER-2451 Jun. 28, 2006 Vedco, Inc. and Craig S. Campbell
Other Release Nos.: 34-54061, 33-8716
AAER-2450 Jun. 28, 2006 William T. Owens, et al.
Other Release No.: LR-19743
AAER-2449 Jun. 28, 2006 Raytheon Company, Daniel P. Burnham, and Aldo R. Servello
Other Release Nos.: 34-54057, 33-8715
AAER-2448 Jun. 27, 2006 Douglas R. Bauer
Other Release No.: 34-54049
AAER-2447 Jun. 27, 2006 Accounting Consultants, Inc., and Carol L. McAtee, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-54048
AAER-2446 Jun. 27, 2006 PowerLinx, Inc. (f/k/a SeaView Video Technology, Inc.), George S. Bernardich III, and James R. Cox
Other Release No.: LR-19740
See also: Complaint in this matter; Administrative Proceeding Nos. 34-54048 and 34-53049
AAER-2445 Jun. 22, 2006 Julian W. Eidson
Other Release No.: 34-54031
AAER-2444 Jun. 22, 2006 Wallace G. Haislip
Other Release No.: 34-54030
AAER-2443 Jun. 22, 2006 Scientific-Atlanta, Inc.
Other Release No.: LR-19735
See also: Complaint in this matter; Administrative Proceeding Nos. 34-54030 and 34-54031
AAER-2442 Jun. 19, 2006 Sanjay Kumar and Stephen Richards
Other Release No.: LR-19730
AAER-2441 Jun. 7, 2006 Nevanna Sacks, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53953
AAER-2440 Jun. 7, 2006 Brady M. Schofield
Other Release No.: LR-19721
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2439 Jun. 7, 2006 Greg A. Gadel and Daniel J. Skrypek
Other Release No.: LR-19720
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2438 Jun. 7, 2006 Joseph P. Micatrotto
Other Release No.: LR-19719
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2437 Jun. 6, 2006 David A. Rodriguez, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53944
AAER-2436 Jun. 2, 2006 James T. McCurdy
Other Release No.: 34-53936
Note: See also the Order in this matter
AAER-2435 Jun. 1, 2006 William T. Owens
Other Release No.: 34-53929
AAER-2434 May 30, 2006 Tribune Company
Other Release No.: 34-53882
AAER-2433 May 23, 2006 Federal National Mortgage Association
Other Release No.: LR-19710
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2432 May 18, 2006 William D. Baker, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53830
AAER-2431 May 17, 2006 Kenneth B. Janeski, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53821
AAER-2430 May 17, 2006 John M. Wong, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53820
AAER-2429 May 15, 2006, Inc.
Other Release No.: LR-19699
See also: Administrative Proceeding
AAER-2428 May 15, 2006 Barry F. Duggan, CGA
Other Release No.: 34-53803
AAER-2427 May 8, 2006 James R. Ahrns, Jr., CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53766
AAER-2426 May 5, 2006 Unified Fund Services, Inc. and Michael E. Durham
Other Release No.: IC-27312, 34-53762
AAER-2425 May 3, 2006 Michael E. Peppel, Ira H. Stanley, Jr. and David J. White
Other Release No.: LR-19685

See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2424 Apr. 27, 2006 Oil States International, Inc.
Other Release No.: 34-53732
AAER-2423 Apr. 27, 2006 Lumenis Ltd., Sagi A. Genger and Kevin Morano
Other Release No.: LR-19675
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2422 Apr. 27, 2006 Ingles Markets Incorporated
Other Release No.: LR-19673
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2421 Apr. 26, 2006 Chaim Schwartzbard, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53725
AAER-2420 Apr. 25, 2006 Ranko Cucuz, William D. Shovers, Jesus Bonilla-Valdez, Ronald Lee Kolakowski, and HLI Operating Company, Inc., f/k/a Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc.
Other Release No.: LR-19668
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2419 Apr. 25, 2006 Greg Jones
Other Release No.: 34-53718
AAER-2418 Apr. 25, 2006 Allen Buntin
Other Release No.: 34-53717
AAER-2417 Apr. 25, 2006 James Jarrett
Other Release No.: 34-53716
AAER-2416 Apr. 17, 2006 Dale G. Rasmussen, Esq.
Other Release No.: 34-53662
AAER-2415 Apr. 17, 2006 David T. Leboe, CPA
Other Release Nos.: 34-53661
AAER-2414 Apr. 17, 2006 Tyco International Ltd.
Other Release No.: LR-19657
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2413 Apr. 13, 2006 Thom A. Faria, Stephen J. McLaughlin and William M. Stickney
Other Release No.: LR-19656
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2412 Apr. 12, 2006 Michael D. Karsch
Other Release Nos.: 34-53636
AAER-2411 Apr. 12, 2006 Dollar General Corp., et al.
Other Release No.: LR-19653
AAER-2410 Apr. 12, 2006 PKF and Anthony Frederick John Mead
Other Release No.: LR-19652
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2409 Apr. 12, 2006 PKF, Anthony Frederick John Mead, FCA and Stuart John Barnsdall, ACA
Other Release Nos.: 33-8675, 34-53633
AAER-2408 Apr. 7, 2006, Inc., et al.
Other Release No.: LR-19645
AAER-2407 Apr. 6, 2006 Armand Dauplaise and Bernard Shinder
Other Release No.: LR-19643

Modified: 05/04/2007