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Selected Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases
January - March 2000

The list below provides links to financial reporting related enforcement actions concerning civil lawsuits brought by the Commission in federal court and notices and orders concerning the institution and/or settlement of administrative proceedings. This list only highlights certain actions and is not meant to be a complete and exhaustive compilation of all of the actions that fall into this category.

Release No.
AAER-1245 Mar. 30, 2000 Renaissance Capital Management, Inc., NNPD Escrow Holdings Company, Inc., Allen Andrescu , Richard Brower, Mark Coates, Vikram Randhawa and Tejbir Singh
Release No.: LR-16492
AAER-1244 Mar. 29, 2000 Seth P. Joseph
Release No.: 34-42588
AAER-1243 Mar. 29, 2000 Beth A. Morris and Steven H. Grant
Release No.: 34-42587
AAER-1242 Mar. 29, 2000 Donald Ferrarini, Bruno Rumignani, Howard Miller, Mark Bailine, Frank Palumbo
Release No.: LR-16489
AAER-1241 Mar. 29, 2000 Nanette Miller, CPA
Release No.: 34-42586
AAER-1240 Mar. 23, 2000 Jill Pitts and Janet Hanson
Release No.: 34-42569
AAER-1239 Mar. 22, 2000 Eric P. Furman and Stephen M. Hieber
Release No.: LR-16480
AAER-1238 Mar. 20, 2000 David W. Williams and Pamela J. Sevy
Release No.: LR-16476
AAER-1237 Mar. 20, 2000 Laser Technology, Inc.
Release No.: 34-42549
AAER-1236 Mar. 20, 2000 Jeremy G. Dunne
Release No.: 34-42548
AAER-1235 Mar. 20, 2000 H. DeWorth Williams
Release No.: 34-42547
AAER-1234 Mar. 8, 2000 Donald K. McGhan
Release No.: LR-16466
AAER-1233 Feb 29, 2000 Robert B. Anacone
Release No.: LR-16457
AAER-1232 Feb. 18, 2000 Alex. P. de Soto, CPA
Release No.: 34-42438
AAER-1231 Feb 18, 2000 Mitchell C. Kahn et al.
Release No.: LR-16444
AAER-1230 Feb. 16, 2000 James D. Montgomery II
Release No.: 34-42432
AAER-1229 Feb 15, 2000 Itex Corporation, Terry L. Neal, Michael T. Baer, Graham H. Norris, Cynthia Pfaltzgraff and Joseph M. Morris
Release No.: LR-16437
AAER-1228 Feb. 14, 2000 Jethro J. Barlow, CPA
Release Nos.: 34-42420, 33-7799
AAER-1227 Feb 11, 2000 Robert L. Norton
Release No.: LR-16433
AAER-1226 Feb 10, 2000 Joseph E. Williams
Release No.: LR-16431
AAER-1225 Feb. 10, 2000 Joseph E. Williams
Release Nos.: 34-42412, 33-7798
AAER-1224 Feb 10, 2000 Joseph M. Morris
Release No.: LR-16430
AAER-1223 Feb. 10, 2000 Joseph M. Morris, CPA
Release No.: 34-42410
AAER-1222 Feb. 7, 2000 Robert L. Norton
Release Nos.: 34-42399, 33-7797
AAER-1221 Feb. 07, 2000 H.J. Meyers & Co., Inc., James A. Villa and James C. Witzel
Release No.: 34-42394
AAER-1220 Feb. 07, 2000 William L. Clancy, CPA
Release No.: 34-42392
AAER-1219 Feb. 04, 2000 PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Release No.: 34-42387
AAER-1218 Jan. 24, 2000 Eladio Alvarez and Edward Welch
Release No.: LR-16417
AAER-1217 Jan. 24, 2000 Edward Welch
Release No.: 34-42355
AAER-1216 Jan. 14, 2000 Lynne K. Mercer
Release No.: LR-16409
AAER-1215 Jan. 11, 2000 Informix Corporation
Release Nos.: 34-42326, 33-7788
AAER-1214 Jan. 5, 2000 Model Imperial, Inc.
Release No.: 34-42316

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