Subject: File No. SR-NASD-2004-044
From: richard m Rosenthal, esq,

November 10, 2005

Since my investment and peace of mind was stolen by sophisticated internet abetted naked short sellers and hedge fund manipulators commencing in june 1998, I have watched with horror as the SEC, Congress and the DTCC have collaborated in defrauding investors worldwide and betraying the American financial markets and capitalism, itself.

You, who pretend to be the guardian and protector of the individual investor have callously ignored your duty and sat idly by while millions of innocent, unsuspecting investors have been defrauded out of countless billions and their hopes and dreams for the future.

Except for going after little boys and a few high profile celebs, you are essentially a total crock, blatently beholden to your future employers on the street and their cronies in congress,

You have not just looked the other way, but have actively facilitated the corruption of the system-- and you cant Grandfather out the truth

You should all be deeply ashamed of yourselves and hopefully, some of you will one day have to pay dearly for your outrageous mis and malfeasance.