Subject: File No. S7-38-04
From: Robert Evans

January 7, 2005

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that internet road shows are an important part of the education of investors that teach them many important aspects of stock market trading. Many of these road shows are free. While they push a product, the side benefits and ideas provide are extremely valuable to me, an older person nearing retirement.

To eliminate them eliminates a valuable source of free information, and will require me to look for paid educational channels that normally cost several thousand dollars.

I am an economist with a Ph.D.. I wrote my dissertation on information technology and stock market organization some 25 years ago. The dissertation dealt with the comparative organizational structures of dealer markets, limit order book markets and specialist-book markets. At the time, I was appalled by the stupidity of SEC regulations that prevailed at that time. During the intervening period, I have grown only more appalled at the willingness of the SEC to waste other peoplesí money.

My only suggestion to you is STOP IT!!!

Dr. Robert Evans