Subject: File No. S7-30-04
From: Dan e Novinger

August 8, 2004

hedge funds are interfering with the normal functioning of the markets.

Hedge funds should have extreme limitations placed on them. THey should NOT be able to trade more than 1 of the average trailing volume for the prior 6 months on any ticker on any given day. The hedge funds should be prevented from standing stock prices on their heads.

Earlier this year some hedge funds stood ticker NFI on its head by illegally manipulating the stock price even though the SEC DID NOT DO ITs JOB by preventing this action or prosecuting it after the fact.

I know dozens of people who lost large percentage of their live savings because of this unproscuted illegal stock price manipulation that these hedge funds perpetrated. These victems are retirees who depend on successfully investing their savings to pay their bills.

What happens when these people lose their life savings. Uncle Sam has to pay for their living expenses through welfare. Do the right thing, its more economical to government and taxpayers to do the right thing

Hedge funds create terribly inefficient stocks by standing stock prices on their heads. Thats fine if you dont hold the stock because you can buy cheap. But what if you hold most of our savings in that one stock. You get crushed by the hedge fund scumbags.


The alternative is to create a separate capital market where the sharks cant trade. For individual investors ONLY.

Anyway NFI stock price was manipulated lower by more than 36 per share back in April by being driven down in price by naked short hedge funds.also illegal - where is the sec????

Anyway all hedge funds should be limited to trading not more than 1, and make it illegal for hedge funds to cooperate and work in unison to manipulate a stock price by each of many funds each selling 1 per day in unison.

There is no level playing field between multi Million Dollar capitalized hedge funds and an individual investor trading a few tens of thousands of dollars of a thinly traded stock.

Its my intention to work through the courts and congress and the administration to have employees of the sec to do their jobs.

The SEC inaction has cost millions of small investors hundreds of million of dollars when hedge funds have smacked stock prices around.

The inaction by the sec amounts to genocide of individual investors capital.

The inaction of the SEC have cost me 300,000 by not reigning in those barracudas. What the heck are you thinking???????

I dont know how I could sleep at night if I were an SEC employee. You people are facilitators of the destruction of the current generation of retirees by allowing and facilitating the very rich through actions of the hedge fund community to steal from the middle class HUGE sums of money.

Its clear that the SEC is the enemy of the individual investor and the enemy of all FAIR markets.

How is it possible that the SEC can have ended up being such total enemies of the public?

Just curious.