Subject: File No. S7-25-99
From: Richard J Greenfield
Affiliation: Financial Planning Assoc, Certified Financial Planner

August 23, 2004

Please WITHDRAWAL this proposal which I feel greatly dilutes the protection investors will receive in obtaining financial advice. Amending it will not be sufficient. This proposal is contrary to the thrust of the SECs work and will effectively undo the efforts you are making to provide more protection for consumers and investors. It is a back door way of opening up possbilities to abuse once again by putting potentially unqualified/untrained brokers in charge of signficant assets, while you are simultaneously still fixing other problems. It would be a major mistake that in a short period of time will open you up to major criticism.

Best regards,

Rich Greenfield, MA, MBA, CFP
RJG Financial
Dallas, TX 75287