Subject: File No. S7-25-99
From: Patricia A Musachio

September 10, 2004

I am extremely upset that different rules apply for different financial services representatives. I think you need to protect the consumer. We the investing public are tired of being lied to through ommission of facts from financial services organizations. The SEC needs to write the law that every single financial services rep, whether they sell stocks and bonds or insurance product of any kind, the public needs to know how each of these companies and their employees are paid and how much I am very tired of having my questions cleverly avoided, there needs to be strong enforced rules to hold these companies and their employees accountable for their clever ommissions of the facts. Every consumer needs a financial advisor/consultant who is looking out for the customer every single day We have plenty of challenges with the retirement assets growing in a complex financial enviroment, allowing stock brokers and insurance agents to tell stories which are only somewhat true is outrageous. Hold all financial professionals, bank employees, insurance agents, stock brokers and financial planners to the same stict rules and regulations, no matter what they supply, whether it is advice with or without product, a persons retirement is at stake here