Subject: File No. S7-25-99
From: Gay Miezin, CFP
Affiliation: Owner The Miezin Group

August 24, 2004

I strongly urge you to withdraw the SEC Broker-Dealer rule exemption rather than attempt to amend it. The standard to which all professionals dealing with the financial well being of consumer/clients and financial investment advice services, should be the same, single, high standard that demands not only knowlege, continued updated education and exemplary ethics, but clear and expected disclosure of conflicts of interest. This higher standard, which has been continually held out as the expectation and model for CFPs and repeatedly demanded by consumers, is in grave jeapordy if you allow broker/dealers to be measured by a second, lessor code. Your job is not to bend to the will of large money houses but to work for, and subscribe to quality legislation on behalf of the people you represent. Please make the choice that raises the level of professional conduct and business ethics in the United States- We already have far too many loopholes in our system that are easily exploited by the unscrupulous- lets try not to add to that number.