Subject: File No. S7-25-99
From: Gay Abarbanell, CFP,CSA
Affiliation: Natio9nbal Planning Corp, FPA Los Angeles

September 9, 2004

Dear SEC Commissioners:

As a Life and Financial Advisor I believe a double standard only serves to further compound the publics confusion as to whom to trust with guidance in their Life and Death decisions.

Stockbrokers are salespeople.

All of them are trained to sell, sell, sell.

Few have appropriate training as counselors or advisors.

Even fewer have sincere interest in advising.

Pretending to be objective gets their foot in the door.

Its not a good idea to sanction Wooden Horse behavior.

Please, please, please zap the very idea of exempting them from fiduciary responsibilit


Gay Abarbanell, CFP, CSA

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