Subject: File No. S7-25-99
From: Frank M. Gleberman, CLU, CFP
Affiliation: Registered Representative, Jefferson Pilot Securities Corporation

August 24, 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I have respect for the SEC over and above the regulatory role it plays to protect the consumer and facilitate orderly markets in the financial world. As a CFP certificant, one my uppermost responsibilities is to fairly and actively protect my clients best interests when providing financial services.

Unfortulately, your proposed rule File No. S7-25-99 giving stockbrokers the ability to hide behind the shield of holding themselves as Financial Planners is unfair to the clients and in fact unfair to those who legitimately hold themselves as Financial Planners.

With respect, I urge you to WITHDRAW this proposed rule and re-emphasize the education, experience, training and licensing required of all professionals in the financial world to hold themselves as Financial Planners.

Financial Planning is become more and more complex and the bar needs to be raised HIGHER to meet the complexity of the rules of the game. File No. S7-25-99 LOWERS that bar. Once that bell is rung lowering the bar, it will confuse the buying public and my take is that it will be extremely difficult to change or withdraw File No. S7-25-99 at a later date.

With respect,

Frank M. Gleberman, CLU, CFP