Subject: File No. S7-25-99
From: David White

September 10, 2004

Dear SEC rule maker- We are individual investors aged 61 and 60 who are still looking for full transparancy and disclosure from financial advisors of all stripes. Yes, it is very important to distinguish between a stockbroker and a financial adviser or Certified Financial Planner and to find out just what incentives they get from giving us certain advice. So withdraw your rule and help us out- we have so much financial and medical stuff to deal with already and we really don't get much reliable info unless we really persist. By the way, keep your finger on the mutual fund industry, too and make them explain to us why there are so many fees (ie, Management fee, Distribution fee, Shareholder fee, other expenses) which iof coiurse, all come off the top and limit any money we might get. respectfully, David & Luciana White, Boston, MA