Subject: File No. S7-25-99
From: David L Meckenstock , CFP
Affiliation: Senior Compliance Officer - Independent Broker Dealer firm

September 7, 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen DO NOT amend this rule. Cancel it. It is absurb to allow one segment of our industry to call themselves advisors while expempting them from passing a qualifiying examination. The rule is flawed and skewed in favor for a select few major companies and if it were exposed to public scrutiny there would be cries or outrage and horror that the public servant would let such a blatant technicality try to cover the fact that Reps who are housed at major firms at there to sell the company line this includes the IPOs and the in house products they are the ones who have caused much abuse to the public with their title advisor when it should be registered representative no more and no less.

Respectfully, David L. Meckenstock VP, Principal at a small broker dealer firm where all my Reps have to have passed the Series 65, or Series 66 to be able to use the word advisor on their business cards or letterhead.