Subject: File No. S7-18-04
From: barry s augenbraun

April 22, 2004

On behalf of Raymond James Financial,Inc., we want to express our strong support for this proposal -- particularly for the requirement that SROs post their rules on their web-site for immediate access. One of our broker-dealer subsidiaries is a member of both the NASD and the NYSE, and another subsidiary is a member of the NASD.We note that the NASD already does this, making it simple for member firms to determine the currently applicable regulations.
The NYSE, on the other hand, requires member firms to subscribe to a private vendor in order to obtain access to their rules on a current basis. It is a disservice to member firms and to the public for them to make access to their rules cumbersome and expensive, and this rule proposal should be adopted as quickly as possible.
Barry Augenbraun, Senior Vice President