Subject: File No. S7-11-04
From: Warren A Flick, Ph.D.

April 22, 2004

I oppose the 2 mandatory redemption fee proposal on mutual fund trades within a few days.

Im a long-term investor, and do not do such trading. Nonetheless, I oppose the proposal.

The costs of such trades are low.

The various fund companies can sort this out as a matter of policy. Some companies, like Vanguard, prohibit it already through restrictions on phone orders in many funds. But its on a fund-by-fund basis. That gives investors a chance to use the policy as part of the information they we consider when making investment decisions.

Other fund companies may want to attract such short-term trades, and they should be allowed to operate that way. Such trading helps establish an efficient market, it seems to me.

A rule requiring explicit disclosure of relevant policies and costs by the companies would seem much better to me.


Warren A. Flick