Subject: File No. S7-10-05
From: Jeremy J Janowski
Affiliation: Budget Analyst, Captain, United States Air Force

January 15, 2006

As a person who grew up in the computer age I can highly respect the idea of this regulation proposal. I believe that saving the company money in turn saves the shareholders money as well if implemented properly. Also, by maintaining such information on the internet, it is far less likely to get misplaced. The internet makes business much more efficient for both the customer and the businesses themselves. By approving this proposal, the SEC will give each corporation the ability to decide how its proxies will be distributed. Maybe in the near future, if I as a shareholder want to vote via proxy on the internet, it would be just a few clicks away. I have read some of the other comments about people worrying about fraud on the internet, and I just say that fraud is everywhere. If someone wants to cheat the system they are going to figure out a way to do it. I think it is a fantastic idea and am quite surprised that is has taken this long to make such a proposal.