Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: stuart piles

February 23, 2004

It is so sad, I estimate between 16 to 30 percent of all companies cheat and lie on one level or another..It could be as high as 35-40...I have followed American Business for 40 years and trust in its fairness and ethics,has never been lower...There are too many chief exectutives who are milking thier companies for everything, and leaving the small invester with nothing..You have faild in your mandate to police the system...Thousands have lost their life savings in a rigged market for the super rich.....Few if any are caught, fewer are punished...I do not know if anyone will ever read this...that too is very sad..Your enforcement group is so small to make it laughable...The robber barrons of the late l800s had nothing on the Skillings and Ken Leys of today....Your failure is almost complete...What you designed to regulated has almost totally coopeted you..What else is there to say....Maybe in the future, you will do better......Stuart Piles