Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: Sally Pezza

March 17, 2004

Dear Mr. Katz,
ref. New Disclosure Rules for Mutual Funds, etc.
Its about time consumers have access to what mutual funds really cost. My broker at UBS is reluntant to disclose these fees I have no insight to whom gets what.
Last Jan. 2004 I wrote to Charles Haldeman, Jr. of Putman Mutual Funds in Providence, R.I.,which I haved owned for years, but recently lost 50 of their value, about the scandels and breach of responsibility of their fund managers. He has not replied. I plan on selling all those funds real soon.
Of your proposed disclosure forms, for A-shares, I like attachment 1, for B-shares, attachment 3.
I look forward to the passage of these new regulations.
Yours truly,

Sally Pezza