Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: Marilyn M Wilson

March 17, 2004

-I am an AAII member and was alerted to a call for citizen feedback before April 12. Am not sure this is the correct forum for my comments. I continue to be concerned that there is not yet enough scrutiny and required disclosure on the part of brokers and banks as to potential conflict of interests. And that there is not enough government protection for individual investors regarding these potential conflicts. I think the gov is waiting and seeing what the house individual investors will afford after Enron, letting water go under the bridge, etc. I feel insulted that there does not yet appear the self motivation on the part of gov to provide the noble trusted guardian service for the common man us, without continued rabble rounsing. Where have any ethical standards gone? The last 3 years and counting now continue to show that no one is watching out for us and that money to those that can take it rules. Prove me wrong. I feel increasingly depressed by the Administrations lack of respect for our wishes regarding everything from global warming, the UNs vital watchdog function, etc. There does not seem to be much listening, even in this election year to what we are concerned about. rather the energy seems to be convincing us that they know best. i dont need a father, I need an upright government. What is the big problem. If I act in an unethical way with my students I will loose my job. Get on with it.