Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: Leon H Liebman

March 18, 2004

My requests are very simple.
I want to know the composition and the total of all deductions made from the assets of the fund including, but not limited to, compensation broken down into base and incentives advertising and promo sales fees information services purchased travel, meals and entertainment and consulting fees paid.
Also, I want to know the amounts and sources of income and/or receipts, other than dividends, interest and the like, that the firm has received in cash or kind.
I want a statement from the fund that no fund employed person has received any other compensation or payments, in cash or in kind, other than for services rendered to the fund earned for carrying out his/her professional responsibilities. If the fund is unable to make that statement, then the fund must disclose the sources and amounts of compensation or payments.
Leon Liebman