Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: Karen S Morgan

February 25, 2004

The problem with mutual funds is not commission structures. It is the use of LLC Limited Liability Corporations to market the funds with outright lies and plans by retired WWII veteran computer super salesmen to inappropriately ransom the Federal Reserve Banks thru use of government computer systems unbeknownst to our esteemed elected officials.

Claymore Industries, LLC, in conjunction with an LLC subsidiary of Wells Fargo, and Merrill Lynch are currently closing the second U.S. Government TIPS mutual fund on the 28th of this month based on lies and STRIPPING.

There is no such thing as an inflation protected TIPS U.S. Treasury bill that pays more than face value at maturity. There is instead a stripping government website to define STRIPS and how to do it making the process look legal. This site is compliments of some of our federal employees I presume along with a certain retired WWII computer super salesman. Apparently this plan will strip the WWII babies and baby boomers of their retirement funds to instead fund the federal employee retirement fund and the WWII vets thru preferred mutual fund stock for these same securities. Then the vets will try to ransom Merrill Lynch reserve banks to replace the lost funds until they get caught and we have the next market crash.

You can find the government definition of stripping at:

Does the name Foley mean anything to you people?

This also connects to the British continuing refusal to join the Euro.