Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: John R Ammon, n/a

February 18, 2004

Sir: Yes. I will comment on File #S7-06-04. I was one of the many investors taken for 30,000 in retirement money on 4/22/02 by Cuna Brokerage/Edward Ranieri, before I knew what happened. This is the actual bases of my complaint I filled with you folks back then,and to other commissions. I was told after there investigations into this matter there was nothing wrong with the way it was handled. Now it has come to light that they did not disclose all important infor to the investers as I also stated to you. I would like to know just how this commission plans to punish these brokers and return our hard earned money ?
Yes these forms will be very important to the investers a little to late for some of us at this point.
These forms will make it clear before you invest in the future and will STOP people like Cuna Brokerage with there practices they got away with for years