Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: Jean P Huberman, MD

March 17, 2004

I agree with all your proposals about elucidating the nature of fees charged to investors in mutual funds and I think they should be implemented.

I would also recommend that you do something about the Load fees that many mutual funds charge investors. There is no valid reason why these fees exist. TRowePrice, Fidelity, Vanguard, etc dont charge load fees. They are all doing well and not going bankrupt. Many of these load funds arent worth a damn. Some are good and have good, experienced managers, but the public shouldnt be ripped off for trying to access these products. I think this represents a large problem and the fund and investment industry are trying to perpetuate and preserve these loads because it means additional profits for them and the people who recommend these funds.

Why should an investor pay two fees for a fund the standard annual expense and on top of that the load. This is something the Government should work on eliminating.

Sincerely yours,

J.P. Huberman MD