Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: Joseph J Polak

February 28, 2004

Your mutual fund rules do not handle a significant problem.
I got burned a couple of times with Fidelity on selling of mutual funds. The problem is with a Fidelity site indicating no redemtion fee when the Mutual Fund co. indicates a redemtion fee. The problem is with a recent update to the fund prospectus and Fidelity not incorporating on their web site. Fidelities comments are You should have read the prospectus My comment is Dont put information on the web site unless it is accurate. Again, I believe what Fidelity puts on their web site is what I should get. It is their problem if they dont update the information. I will never buy a fund again unless the SEC steps in and corrects this problem. I have brought this complaint to the SEC and I lost. I feel that this complaint which was not handled correctly by the SEC. I am still extremely bitter on this item.