Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: Floyd A. Lewis

February 24, 2004


The SEC is finally doing a good job in protecting the small investor, but in my opinion, there should also be implemented regulations that stop companies like WCOM and KMart from coming out of bankruptcy without reissuing stocks to the individual investors at an appropriate ratio to the new companys value.

This is essential especially in the case of WCOM when all knows that WOCOM portion of the company was not losing money as it has a enormous share of the internet infrastructure especially governmentally. It was keeping the company afloat in my opinion and the telecom portion was the loser. When the two companies separated Worldcom from MCI

I chose to keep my WCOM shares and buy more just fo the reason given above. Much to the dismay of the Bernie Ebbers fiasco, the facts show no detriment to the WCOM financial sheet.

Protect the small investor from these reorganizations get-overs Please

Floyd Lewis