Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: Ed Aman

February 16, 2004

1 Maint. Fees....We currently have two roth accts with Morgan Stanley DW and every year we are paying more in maint fees, this year up from 40 to 50 EACH now unless my calulator is broke thats 25 increase and 10 previous year EACH. We dont have enough money under management to qualiy for free maint. fees based on brake points of 250,000 and 500,000 and thats part of the problem. Why cant the small investors be tied together similar to the way small companies band together to get lower premiums on health ins or drug plans to lower the cost. Why should the small investor be penalized on maint fees.

2 Not to mention propriatary funds that can only be bought or sold through MSDW, if we wanted to transfer accts to another firm we cant move those funds because nobody else carries them so we are LOCKED into this viscious circle. 100 to transfer accts. EACH.

3 I dont even want to start to mention all the other fees asociated with these mutual funds that are exorbant.

Thank you, please do what you can in these areas.