Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: David Shutvet

March 8, 2004

My vote is to require them to disclose everthing. My wife has a 401K that is in a Variable Annuity with Nationwide Financial called the Best of America plan. I have found these funds have huge expense costs and after leaving the company we rolled it into a IRA and had to pay 4 on top of their 3-4 average cost that you will only find if you read deep into the fine print.

You must make these companies give full discloser on all cost and be accountable for any Fraud. After 7 years in this annuity plan we got back less then we put into it manly because of the high back end cost that we never heard about untill we rolled it over.

Also with a varible annuity their is no way to track the fund so you just have to go along with the value that tell give you. Please help us little investors