Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: Carl Thoenen
Affiliation: Financial Advisor

March 30, 2005

This new proposal about additional point of sale disclosures
is very, very cumbersome. I would rather see you focus the efforts on making the current prospectuses easier to read for the clients. All of the information that you want us to disclose is already in the prospectuses. Nobody likes to read the prospectus because it is too hard for a layperson to understand. Why not make the prospectus easier to understand?? All of these extra efforts to make additional disclosures for items that are already in the prospectus is just making us do duplicate work and adding greater expenses to an industry already under scrutiny for expenses. I already have to get at least 6 signatures already when someone buys a mutual fund or annuity and 2 forms are current product disclosures.

Thank you for your time.