Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: clare brigidini

February 3, 2004

TARGETED INFORMATION--that sounds like just another opportunity for the broker/dealers or funds managers to draft a generic statement about what they are supposed to provide which gives no specifics but simply satisfies the regulation.

Surely you can do better than that.

Of course, investors should be provided with some further information that enhances provision of and access to data that strengthens reasoned decision-making with regard to selection of mutual funds or for that matter any stock- or bond-related investment.

Please Note: If there is not already such a regulation, law, or requirement that when a fund or stock is sold through a broker by an invest that requires the broker to release these funds within a certain number of days, such a rule should be written. I have been waiting for almost 3 weeks for the release of such funds as a rollover transfer and I cannot get Schwab to either do this or tell me if they have received my order, or tell me when they expect to turn over the funds to my credit union account.

If there is such a rule requiring a time-certain for the brokerage to let go of my cashout of the stock, please let me know, post haste.

Thank you for your attention,

Clare Brigidini