Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: Craig A Johnson

March 1, 2004

I am greatly concerned with the current EXTREME views being taken by both the SEC and the Senate

I completely agree that we need to disclose many key items to our clients: sales loads regarding different class shares, time frames regarding each class share, investment risk, proper diversification, prospectus delivery at point of sale and the list goes on and on and I adhere to those requirements and prudent man regulations. BUT YOU HAVE TO REALIZE THAT OVER MY 16 YEARS AS A REGISTERED REPRESENTATIVE I HAVE WATCHED THE LOADS REDUCE, THE AMOUNT OF DISCLOSURES AND PAPERWORK INCREASE DRAMATICALLY. I get paid 12b-1 fees to service those clients 12b-1 fees equal approxiamately 25 of my anual income, DO NOT eliminate them
I need more than these 60 days to review this huge document Please extend the comment period by at least 120 days

Craig Johnson