Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: Bart L McGonnigal

March 1, 2004

I am just an average joe who owns mutual funds through my companies 401K. I cannot claim to even understand all the ins and outs of what is being proposed. My concern is that this rule would prohibit me from moving in and out of mutual funds on a potentially daily basis. Today, if I choose I can move my funds on a given day for the next day.
and then if i choose move them again the following day.

I find this advantagous- this rule would appear to force a charge upon me doing this. I dont feel this is fair since my money is tied up in mutual funds in a 401k , meaning I cannot buy individual stocks. I big player can make these moves in indiviudal stocks as i see it and not suffer the same penalty.

I think this just favors the big player in the market as they can take advantage of some market volatility where the small guy cannot- and this would appear to set up a situation where i would have to hold in a fund for five days.

Hardly , the same as the big guy who can move in andout of stocks daily, hourly, every couple of minutes if they want.