Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: Allan R Martin

March 29, 2004

Following are my comments:
1. Combine the Class A and Class B forms into one. All fields for both classes of mutual fund can be condensed into one form and the designation N/A used to indicate non-applicability of a field.

2. Secion A. General Information, suggested replacements are:
a. Transaction Price NAV adjusted for Load for Price NAV plus load
b. Total Amount paid /received for Amount paid /received this should include Brokers commission paid
c. Value of Shares received/sold for Amount of your investment/sale
d. Move Commission/other compensation to Section B and rename it Commission Broker Charged.

3. Section B suggested changes are as follows:
a. The title should read What you paid directly or indirectly for purchases or sales
b. Give the basis for estimating the Back-end sales load e.g. assuming no change in NAV.

4. Section C suggested changes are as follows:
a. Add fields for Portfolio Management Fee and Volume Incentive Fee
b. Change your investment to amount paid/received.

5. Section D suggested changes are as follows:
a. In the second question replace the words front-end load by other.