Subject: File No. S7-03-06
From: James B Hubbard, AAS

May 12, 2006

Please pass the "Katie Couric clause". This is one of the very few tools that I have as a small and meek investor that allows me to see behind the curtain at what the great and powerful Qz (corporate America) is truley paying.
PLEASE don't believe the nonsense that companies like Kellogg Co., the world's largest maker of breakfast cereal when they said the SEC the plan would give rival companies crucial salary information. Not True Companies already know what the going rate is. That is the main reason thay have a HUMAN RESOURCE DEPT.
Media companies are using the same argument.

"The disclosure requirement could have the effect that producers, talent and other individuals would prefer not to be employed by publicly held motion picture companies at all," said Linda Rappaport and George Spera, of Shearman Sterling LLP, who wrote the SEC on behalf of several movie studios.

YEA, YEA, Right, like a Private Film Label will pay(or can afford too) these OVER PRICED, SELF ABSORBED CADS, anything remotely what they are ripping off from the unknowing public investor.
Thank You.
James B Hubbard