Subject: File No. S7-09-05
From: Neal J Dean
Affiliation: Investor

November 2, 2005

I am very disappointed in this release as a response to my many requests over a yr.that the SEC do something meaningful to curb this odious practice which is costing investors many more than other areas where the SEc has spent so much time and tax .
Defining what is legal is NOT dealing with the issue.Granted the soft abuse cannot be eliminated without Congressional action ,the SEC could certainly require that funds disclose the amount of soft in a meaningful way; eg. as a of assets.A simple disclosure would be the average commision paid per share traded. This would provide competitive info. that may reduce or eliminate the practice.
This is ESSENTIAL as these funds are now hidden and can be much greater than the expenses which are disclosed.
It would seem the SEC should have been active in this area for years.Why did it not support Sen. Fitzgeralds legislation?
I do hope this time my request will get to a high enough level in SEC to get me a specific answer to my suggestion.
The attempt to limit what is acceptable for soft
is NOT dealing with the real issue
Pls reply in detail to my e-mail address with the tollfree no. i can call to further discuss.
Thank you for aprompt reply,
Neal J. Dean
Tel # 847-981-1961