Subject: File No. 1-09274

February 18, 2005

Dear Sirs,

I hold shares of Carmel Container. As a small investor, I was dismayed to discover that the stock was recently delisted and that I was no longer able to sell my shares. I did not received information from the company regarding this matter and did not have the opportunity to vote on the issue. It seems to me that small investors should be protected from this kind of action. The integrity of the market should be preserved and this action is a violation of public trust. I purchased the shares of a publicly own company only to find that it was converted to a private company without my knowledge, my consent or the opportunity to sell my shares. Because action appears self serving (why the rush?), I no have faith in management. I believe that the SEC should seek to reverse the delisting or compel the company to fairly compensate shareholders.


Ron Goldstein, M.D.