Subject: File No. 1-09274

February 16, 2005


RE: File Number 1-09274, De-Listing of Carmel Containers

I invested in Carmel Containers several years ago as a long-term investment on the premise that it was a publicly traded company with all the benefits to an investor that a public company implies. I had invested in Carmel Containers as part of a portfolio for my own account for retirement, as well as in my dependent daughter's account for educational expenses. I had planned on selling those positions at the appropriate time, assuming the securities would be liquid as a publicly traded company.

The abrupt delisting of Carmel Containers in my view is not in the best interest of its investors, as it eliminates the liquidity on which I and many others have been counting. I am also concerned that disclosures that the company would have to make as a public company would no longer be made, to the detriment of investors.

N. Adam Rin