Subject: File No. 1-07162
From: Sarah L Yake

May 22, 2004

My brother alerted me today that Ohio Art in which I own over 5,000 shares of common stock has stated that they will delist their stock from Exchange listing even if they have to maintain SEC reporting compliance. I think this action would be nothing less than a disgraceful abuse of their stockholders. The Exchange listing provides enormous value to we stockholders--I take some comfort in being able to get a reliable stock quote each day for Ohio Art as well as my other stocks. So, I see this move to delist as a bald abuse of the stockholders interests. It may be in the Killgallon familys interests, but let me tell you it is not in my interests. Please do not approve this latest attempt by Ohio Art to strangle their small stockholders. And please tell them to stop their disgraceful campaign to destroy stockholder value. Thank you for your help.