Subject: File No. 4-511
From: William Schindler
Affiliation: Professional Network Administrator

April 18, 2006


I have certain and specific knowledge that a company traded has known of serious issues regarding the reliablity financial trading using credit cards, bank transfers and other fudiciary transactions for more than a year. Furthermore, there is considerable evidence that certain persons in these businesses have known these problems and have engaged in a policy of concealment. These actions may have artifactually and unlawfully caused members of the public to believe in the offerings (stocks and other securities).

This is certainly in violation of SOCKS, and may indeed be in violation of public policy.

As the company has been recently sold to Fox multimedia and I have been fired as a "whistle blower" I would only want to have the SEC make me whole and not have the American public invest in a company not vested in America's success.

The nature, specifics and type of actions which may harm the American public would not be possible to detail here, however, I would be available to discuss these in detail with any investigator in person.