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EDGAR Filer Manual (Volumes I - III)

The current version of the EDGAR Filer Manual Volumes I - III can be downloaded from the links below.

EDGAR Filer Manual (Volume I) General Information (Version 6)
Updated: March 16, 2009

Volume I, General Information, covers the EDGAR application process, outlines how to keep company data current and provides a brief introduction to the filing process. Volume I is intended to be a reference for those that need to obtain EDGAR access, those that are new to EDGAR and those that are responsible for keeping company information current.

Volume I has been revised primarily to support New EDGAR Filers the capability to attach a scanned notarized authentication document in PDF Format to their Form ID Submission. Filers who are updating their passphrase or converting from a Paper to Electronic filer must fax their notarized documentation.

* Download the EDGAR Filer Manual (Volume I) General Information (Version 6)

EDGAR Filer Manual (Volume II) EDGAR Filing (Version 11)
Updated: March 16, 2009

EDGAR Filer Manual (Volume II), EDGAR Filing, focuses entirely on the filing process. It illustrates each step of the process to submit an electronic submission and helps filers understand the tools provided by the SEC for constructing and transmitting those submissions. This volume is intended to be a reference for those that are responsible for submitting filings to the SEC via the EDGAR system.

Volume II was revised to support: 1) XBRL changes — The system will support the 2008 Mutual Fund Risk/Return Summary Taxonomy; The entire error message text will be shown when an XBRL filing produces an error; EDGAR will no longer allow an XBRL submission to include both EX-100 and EX-101 Exhibit types within the same submission; 2) Form D changes - EDGAR will support the ability to save offline a partially completed Form D, which can be uploaded at a later time to complete the filing process; 3) A new submission type for Summary Prospectus (497K) will be added to Submission Template #3. However, this submission type cannot be used until March 31, 2009; 4) The submission form types: 497K1, 497K2, 497K3A, and 497K3B will be suspended as of close of business (5:30 PM EST) March 30, 2009; 5) An N-4 filing will no longer be suspended if the company does not have an 811 file number and is adding series and classes in their N-4 filing; and 6) The "Office of Thrift Supervision" will be added as an Appropriate Regulatory Agency (ARA) for submission form types TA-1 and TA-1/A.

It is anticipated that in the third quarter of Fiscal Year 2009, EDGAR Release 9.15.2 will introduce the following changes: 1) the existing US GAAP Taxonomy will be upgraded to 2009 US GAAP Taxonomy. 2) The US GAAP Beta 2.0 Taxonomy will no longer be supported and 3) Submission Type SH-ER Information Table XML documents will be validated against the schema included in the Submission Type SH-ER Information Table XML Technical Specification posted on http://www.sec.gov/info/edgar.shtml.

* Download the EDGAR Filer Manual (Volume II) EDGAR Filing (Version 11)

EDGAR Filer Manual (Volume III) N-SAR Supplement (Version 1) Effective Date: September 2005

EDGAR Filer Manual (Volume III), N-SAR Supplement, is the guide for preparing the electronic submission of Form N-SAR.

* Download the EDGAR Filer Manual (Volume III) N-SAR Supplement (Version 1)



Modified: 04/21/2009