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EDGAR Search Updates

Confidential Treatment Orders (5/1/08)

The Commission now releases via EDGAR orders relating to applications for confidential treatment of certain information otherwise required to be included in filed documents. The Divisions of Corporation Finance and Investment Management issue these orders pursuant to delegated authority. The EDGAR database contains orders issued beginning May 1, 2008. These orders are identified on EDGAR as CT ORDER.

EDGAR Full-Text Search (11/14/06)

The EDGAR Full-Text Search engine provides comprehensive search capability for indexed EDGAR Filings from the past four years. This system allows users to enter a keyword or conceptual search query and retrieve a list of filings with summaries from the database engines on that keyword or subject. EDGAR Full-Text Search makes use of conceptual search technologies that provide capabilities similar to natural language processing and thus avoids many of the limitations found in simple keyword searches. The search tool also takes into account the context in which a term appears. This eliminates many false results; at the same time, the search catches documents that may include concepts associated with the target keywords, even though those documents that may not include those specific keywords.

The EDGAR Full-Text Search engine also implements an advanced keyword mechanism that enables the search to match any term or phrase that appears in quotation marks. EDGAR Full-Text Search takes the search terms and identifies the similarities between the pieces of information. It returns documents containing the exact phrase as well as documents with conceptually related phrases.

Other features of the EDGAR Full-Text Search engine include:

  • Search by specific form type
  • Search by company name or Central Index Key (CIK)
  • Search by industry or Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code
  • Limit search results by date range
  • Boolean and wildcard capabilities

Series and Class (6/12/06)

On February 6, 2006, the SEC required that certain open-end management investment companies and insurance company separate accounts identify in their EDGAR submissions information relating to their series and classes (or contracts, in the case of separate accounts). These series and classes are now uniquely identified through EDGAR — C+9 digits for class (or contract); S+9 digits for series. These 10-digit identifiers generally behave like hyperlinked Central Index Key (CIK) numbers in EDGAR search display pages.

Two new searches that return displays highlighting series and class filings are now available:

For a list of the EDGAR submission types subject to series and class (contract) identification, see footnote 32 (page 14) of Rulemaking for EDGAR System, Release 33-8590 (July 18, 2005). See also SEC Announces that Over a Million Corporate and Mutual Fund Reports Are Now Fully Searchable via Web (Press Release 2006-93, June 12, 2006).

Note that there may be a two-hour delay from the time of filing until new fund names display.

Full Text Search (6/5/06)

This beta version searches the full text of EDGAR filings and exhibits from the last two years. The advanced search option allows selection of a date range and provides a form type filter. See SEC Announces that Over a Million Corporate and Mutual Fund Reports Are Now Fully Searchable via Web (Press Release 2006-93, June 12, 2006) and the Full Text FAQ for more information.

EDGAR Full Text Search

Effectiveness Notices (5/22/06)

Notifications of effectiveness for Securities Act registration statements and post-effective amendments (other than those that become effective automatically by law) are now posted to the EDGAR system the morning after a filing is determined to be effective. The new EDGAR form type for these notices is EFFECT. For the most recent notices, see the Notice of Effectiveness daily display.

See also SEC to Replace Many Paper Effectiveness Orders With Electronic Notifications of Effectiveness (Press Release 2006-61, April 25, 2006) for more information.

Dual Submissions (12/7/05)

We have updated the display for single submissions that satisfy requirements for the filing of two different form types and for making filings under two different acts. These "dual" submissions now display as two separate index items. The user can ascertain that the two entries are the two parts of a dual submission by checking the accession numbers of the entries; entries for dual submission filings will have identical accession numbers in EDGAR index displays on the SEC public website. Previously, individual index entries were listed only once per submission, indicating one form type or one act but not the other (although the complete filing information could be verified in the filing header fields of the actual submission).

Submission types most affected by this index entry display change are the following: many investment company submission types, including N-1A, N-2, N-3, N-4, N-5, N-6, 485APOS, and 485BPOS; some Corporation Finance submission types, including Forms SC 13D-G, SC 14D, and SC TO-I and SC TO-T (these submission types may also be used by certain investment company filers).

Important: this change only affects index entry displays for the EDGAR Database on the SEC Public Website and has no affect on EDGAR Filer Websites.



Modified: 10/24/2008