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Selected Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases
July - September 2006

The list below provides links to financial reporting related enforcement actions concerning civil lawsuits brought by the Commission in federal court and notices and orders concerning the institution and/or settlement of administrative proceedings. This list only highlights certain actions and is not meant to be a complete and exhaustive compilation of all of the actions that fall into this category.

Release No.
AAER-2490 Sep. 29, 2006 William S. DeLoach, Maria M. Garcia and Rosario F. Licata
Other Release No.: LR-19853
AAER-2489 Sep. 28, 2006 Diane Kayser (CPA)
Other Release No.: 34-54534
AAER-2488 Sep. 28, 2006 William Scott DeLoach (CPA)
Other Release No.: 34-54532
AAER-2487 Sep. 28, 2006 Steven V. Cotton
Other Release No.: LR-19850
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2486 Sep. 27, 2006 The Children's Internet, Inc., Nasser V. Hamedani, Sholeh A. Hamedani, Peter A. Perez, Cort L. Poyner and Two Dog Net, Inc.
Other Release No.: LR-19849
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2485 Sep. 27, 2006 Lantronix, Inc.
Other Release Nos.: 33-8745, 34-54525
AAER-2484 Sep. 27, 2006 James N. Stanard, Martin J. Merritt And Michael W. Cash
Other Release No.: LR-19847
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2483 Sep. 20, 2006 Walid H. Maghrib
Other Release No.: LR-19840
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2480 Sep. 14, 2006 Billy David Deaton
Other Release No.: LR-19834
AAER-2479 Sep. 14, 2006 Jim Bob Brown
Other Release No.: LR-19832
AAER-2478 Aug. 23, 2006 Dennis R. Staal
Other Release No.: 34-54355
AAER-2477 Aug. 22, 2006 Mark J. Corjay
Other Release No.: 34-54345
AAER-2476 Aug. 17, 2006 Armand Dauplaise and Bernard Shinder
Other Release No.: LR-19808
AAER-2475 Aug. 17, 2006 Dawn M. Schlegel and Sandra Hatfield
Other Release No.: LR-19806
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2474 Aug. 11, 2006 Joseph A. Rougraff, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-54303
AAER-2473 Aug. 10, 2006 Paul W. Mikus and John V. Cracchiolo
Other Release No.: LR-19800
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2472 Aug. 9, 2006 Jacob (“Kobi”) Alexander, David Kreinberg, and William F. Sorin
Other Release No.: LR-19796
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2471 Aug. 1, 2006 Blast Energy Services, Inc. f/k/a Verdisys, Inc., Daniel W. Williams and Andrew G. Wilson
Other Release No.: LR-19786
AAER-2470 Jul. 31, 2006 Lawrence A. Stoler, CPA
Other Release Nos.: 33-8726, 34-54246, IA-2539
AAER-2469 Jul. 31, 2006 James R. Powell, Ralph Mitchell, Mark J. Corjay, E. Suzanne Garrett, and Michael D. Scannell
Other Release No.: LR-19781
AAER-2468 Jul. 28, 2006 Eric A. McAfee
Other Release No.: 34-54234
AAER-2467 Jul. 27, 2006 Mark P. Abide, Scott D. Sullivan, Buford Yates, Jr., Betty Vinson and Troy M. Normand, and David F. Myers
Other Release No.: LR-19776
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2466 Jul. 25, 2006 James S. Adams, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-54208
AAER-2465 Jul. 25, 2006 Rollin M. Dick, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-54207
AAER-2464 Jul. 25, 2006 Endocare, Inc., Kevin M. Quilty, and Jerry W. Anderson
Other Release No.: LR-19772
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2463 Jul. 24, 2006 Weston L. Smith, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-54197
AAER-2462 Jul. 20, 2006 Richard J. Lajoie, Jr.
Other Release No.: 34-54187
AAER-2461 Jul. 20, 2006 William T. Owens and Weston L. Smith
Other Release No.: LR-19766
AAER-2460 Jul. 19, 2006 L. Michael Hart
Other Release No.: 34-54172
AAER-2459 Jul. 11, 2006 Marvin Winick
Other Release No.: 34-54128
AAER-2458 Jul. 7, 2006 Rollin M. Dick and James S. Adams
Other Release No.: LR-19756
AAER-2457 Jul. 5, 2006 Craig M. Waggy
Other Release No.: 34-54099
AAER-2456 Jul. 5, 2006 John Samson, John G. A. Munro, Ian N. Campbell, and John H. Whelan
Other Release No.: LR-19754
See also: Complaint in this matter

Modified: 05/04/2007