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Selected Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases
January - March 2006

The list below provides links to financial reporting related enforcement actions concerning civil lawsuits brought by the Commission in federal court and notices and orders concerning the institution and/or settlement of administrative proceedings. This list only highlights certain actions and is not meant to be a complete and exhaustive compilation of all of the actions that fall into this category.

Release No.
AAER-2406 Mar. 30, 2006 Clete D. Madden, CPA, and David L. Huffman, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53574
AAER-2405 Mar. 30, 2006 Aron R. Carr, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53573
AAER-2404 Mar. 29, 2006 Thomas A. Skoulis, Peter M. Frankl, Alan B. Lefkof and William D. Baker
Other Release No.: LR-19630
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2403 Mar. 29, 2006 Netopia, Inc.
Other Release No.: 34-53566
AAER-2402 Mar. 29, 2006 Eric Tyra, Scott Wynne, Peter Berman, and Scott Carey
Other Release No.: LR-19629
AAER-2401 Mar. 29, 2006 Fernando J. Espuelas et al.
Other Release No.: LR-19627
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2400 Mar. 28, 2006 Gregory A. Brady, et al.
Other Release No.: LR-19624
AAER-2399 Mar. 27, 2006 David T. Leboe and Dale G. Rasmussen
Other Release No.: LR-19623
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2398 Mar. 22, 2006 Savvides & Partners/PKF Cyprus, Pavlos Meletiou, R.K. Dhawan and Co., and
R.K. Dhawan
Other Release No.: LR-19622
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2397 Mar. 21, 2006 Anthony P. Dolanski, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53533
AAER-2396 Mar. 21, 2006 Bruce Hill, et al.
Other Release No.: LR-19617
AAER-2395 Mar. 20, 2006 Bruce G. Hill, Esq.
Other Release No.: 34-53517
AAER-2394 Mar. 20, 2006 Barry Richard Kusatzky
Other Release No.: LR-19614
AAER-2393 Mar. 8, 2006 Michael B. Johnson, CPA and Michael Johnson & Co., LLC
Other Release No.: 34-53444
AAER-2392 Mar. 3, 2006 Andrew J. McAdams, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53404
AAER-2391 Mar. 2, 2006 Symbol Technologies, Inc., et al.
Other Release No.: LR-19585
AAER-2390 Mar. 1, 2006 Ronald A. Safran, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53392
AAER-2389 Mar. 1, 2006 Michael A. Conway, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53391
AAER-2388 Feb. 28, 2006 Elsie M. Leung, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53387
AAER-2387 Feb. 27, 2006 Jeffrey P. Jorissen, Gary A. Shiffman and Mary A. Petrella
Other Release No.: LR-19580
AAER-2386 Feb. 27, 2006 Sun Communities, Inc. and Sun Communities Operating Limited Partnership
Other Release No.: 34-53381; 33-8665
AAER-2385 Feb. 27, 2006 Gregory G. Nelson, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53380
AAER-2384 Feb. 27, 2006 Helen Haiwen He
Other Release No.: 34-53379; 33-8664
AAER-2383 Feb. 27, 2006 Geoffrey Jie Wei, CPA (China)
Other Release No.: 34-53378
AAER-2382 Feb. 27, 2006, Inc.
Other Release No.: LR-19578
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2381 Feb. 27, 2006 Leonard Goldner
Other Release No.: 34-53375
AAER-2380 Feb. 22, 2006 Thomas J. Yoho, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53344
AAER-2379 Feb. 22, 2006 KPMG LLP, et al.
Other Release No.: LR-19573
AAER-2378 Feb. 17, 2006 Scott K. Barton, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53334
AAER-2377 Feb. 17, 2006 Edward A. Heil, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53330
AAER-2376 Feb. 16, 2006 Kevin Hall, CPA, and Rosemary Meyer, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53326
Note: See also the Order in this matter
AAER-2375 Feb. 16, 2006 Eric J. McCracken, et al.
Other Release No.: LR-19567
AAER-2374 Feb. 8, 2006 Elsie M. Leung
Other Release No.: LR-19558
AAER-2373 Feb. 7, 2006 Bruce E. Snyder, Jr.
Other Release No.: LR-19557
AAER-2371 Feb. 9, 2006 American International Group, Inc.
Other Release No.: LR-19560
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2370 Feb. 7, 2006 Cummins Inc.
Other Release No.: 34-53236
AAER-2369 Feb. 2, 2006 Ronald Ferguson, Elizabeth Monrad, Robert Graham, Christopher Garand, and Christian Milton
Other Release No.: LR-19552
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2368 Jan. 30, 2006 Thomas P. Clark
Other Release No.: LR-19548
AAER-2367 Jan. 20, 2006 Herbert J. Mortland, CPA, and Mortland & Co., P.C.
Other Release No.: 34-53162, File No. 3-12155
AAER-2366 Jan. 20, 2006 Stansbury Holdings Corporation, Aldine J. Coffman, Jr., Dennis R. Staal, CPA, Richard E. Sellers, CPA, and Sellers & Associates P.C.
Other Release No.: LR-19537
AAER-2365 Jan. 20, 2006 Eric Tyra, Scott Wynne, Peter Berman, and Scott Carey
Other Release No.: LR-19533
AAER-2364 Jan. 19, 2006 Sport-Haley, Inc., Steve S. Auger, and Kenneth R. LeCrone
Other Release No.: LR-19532
AAER-2363 Jan. 13, 2006 William T. Fricke, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-53125
AAER-2362 Jan. 11, 2006 Pegasus Satellite Communications, Inc., and Pegasus Media & Communications, Inc.
Other Release Nos.: 33-8653; 34-53100
AAER-2361 Jan. 4, 2006 Alan C. Goldsworthy, Walter T. Hilger, and Mark E. Sullivan
Other Release No.: LR-19521
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2360 Jan. 4, 2006 McAfee, Inc.
Other Release No.: LR-19520
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2359 Jan. 4, 2006 Applix, Inc.
Other Release Nos.: 33-8651, 34-53049

Modified: 05/04/2007