Subject: File No. SR-NASDAQ-2006-040
From: Jos Ignacio Del Barrio

December 11, 2006

Although for the slight increase in the annual fees for our Company, we think it is a positive change for the following reasons:
1. Adoption of two new fee waivers,eliminating the entry fee for most companies transferring between the Nasdaq Capital Market and the Nasdaq Global Market.
2. Offering of compelling free additional services, that wil help a Company like us differentiate amongst the others

a) provide enhancements to NASDAQ Online and the Market Intelligence Desk (will provide us with additional information and analysis to help manage our investor relationship programs and understand movements in the market for our securities)
b) Conversion of our annual report and proxy material into a dynamic, online document for use by current and potential shareholders.
c) Four audio webcasts, four press releases, and four Form 8-K filings.

All of this services will help mitigate by far the increase in our annual listing fees and thus we find it quite interesting.
My congratulations to the Nasdaq for this compelling offering