Subject: File No. SR-NASDAQ-2006-013
From: John E Dabbs

January 21, 2007

I am a tax paying citison and am loosing more and more of my rights to trade freely and competively,do to you the SEC making up rules as you go along. Like a person must have more than 25-K in his account to be able to trade the market as a day trader. Why is this legal to give some body or corperation more rights because they have more money. What busness is this of yours anyway how much money I have in my accout. And then to let the NASDAQ then charge a fee for there quote system (INET) When this should be a cost to them of advertisment of what they have available to sell. When will you the SEC read the constitution of the United States Of America. At least the part where all americans are created equil. We should all have the rights to trading in a leval trading field or there should be NO trading allowed by anybody at all. I don't know why you expect me to buy a stock and hold on to it and watch it go down and down and down until the next day when I can finally sell it after taking a bigger loss than I wanted to. Lets get back to whats right and fair. The markets belong to us all. We the people put you The SEC in charge to protect the traders not just the big institutions.
John Dabbs