Subject: File No. SR-NASD-2006-113
From: Marc l Larose, CFP

February 24, 2007

In readings in this proposed legislation of defining what is considered research material toward broker and agents in hedge fund , perplex me alot. For me, to make a decision I need to know what my broker or agent is thinking. I need to know his perception on the matter and the reason behind it. For me this should not be part of reseach material envelop that constituted a reseach or not. I want my broker to approach me and talk to me at any time. I am strongly against that inclusion of a letter from my broker or agent is included in resarch report. Example cover letter education material. I need his or her opinion so that I can gage the market and critise or support his or her thinking. To me this is almost a legislation that cut into the freedom of speech.
I am Canadian, I respect SEC regulations because I feel more secure by regulation investing through American exchange than Canadian Exchange. But this ruling is limiting me to the information I reguest to be more involve in my decision making.
Another point is the issue of raising accredited investors level to 2.5 millions. It should be $250,000.00 only. We need to have access to different market because of the complexity of investing. As individual you are limiting the capacity of individual to have access or actually have the liberty to participate in Hedge fund or other means of investing. It is important for financial liberty and freedom to participate in such investment. It is there we should have the right to participate.
Thank you so much for permitting me to freely talks about what I as an investors wants
Thank you